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Exclusive distribution for the world's greatest Modern Italian instruments and the exclusive Zhu Diamond Series.

COVID Update: We're OPEN!

Please call, text, or email ahead to schedule a meeting if you can; you can also just drop by!

Text: 720-308-8236

Phone: 720-510-3184 and

Email: Info@LutherStrings.com


Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp - August 2021

Luther Strings has entered into an arrangement with Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp (RMFC) whereby the first $300 of purchases of product or services will be matched dollar-for-dollar as a discount at RMFC 2021. (house concerts excluded) 


Simply check the box on the RMFC Registration Form.  If you earn this credit after you've paid your invoice to RMFC, you will receive notice of your credit after June 30.





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who we are

Luther Strings consists of expert performers, teachers, professors, and luthiers who are deeply passionate about the power of music.  This defines every interaction, product, and service we offer. We proudly serve the absolute beginner to the professional artist. We are here to be a cornerstone for the music community!

instruments sales

We sell: violins, violas, cellos, basses, bows, fractional instruments, 5-string violins/violas, guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, baroque instruments and electric instruments.  


Quality meets value.  Finding the right instrument can be a daunting task!  At Luther Strings you can relax; our instruments are hand-picked by string professors, teachers and performers for their sound, playability, and value!  While this just makes plain sense, it is not the case for most shops across the nation. We travel the world to find the best instruments and create relationships with the world’s leading instrument makers.  On top of that, our instruments are set-up, tested, and adjusted in the Luther Strings Sound Lab for further development of sound and playability.  This truly makes our instrument selection unique. We are proud to offer industry-leading services:   

  • Any instrument purchased from Luther strings can be returned for 100% of it’s value towards a nicer instrument.

  • We take commissions.

  • We take trade-ins.

  • Honest comparison: Don’t buy a string instrument without visiting or calling us first!  If you bring an instrument to us, we’ll gladly give you our best comparison.  We’re happy to play both instruments for you, and give our honest opinion. If by some miracle, you find a better instrument than ours, we’ll absolutely tell you!  We want you to have the best product for your money, as you deserve nothing less.

INstrument Rentals

  • Rent-to-own programs

  • Is your little one still growing?  Upgrade to larger sizes at no additional cost.

  • We never use metal fine-tuners 

  • Rentals available on high-quality instruments

music lessons

Come study with our world-class instructors!  You’ll be able to recognize our teachers by their positivity, encouragement, knowledge, and ability to make you a better instrumentalist and musician.  Do you live far away, are you traveling, or is the weather bad?  Our individual lesson plans are available over Skype, Google Meet, or FaceTime.  Please click here to meet our team of teachers, and to see our lesson rates.  We also offer in-person group lessons.

repairs and adjustments

Not only do we repair and restore instruments in the Luther Strings Sound Lab, but we can make almost any instrument sound better--much better!  Our performance experience combined with our expert luthiers make for exceptional adjustments.  We offer a variety of services to enhance the instrument you already have. Our bow rehairs are quick and excellent.  You could pay much more for an inferior rehair. We also take mail-in bow rehairs.


We have multiple studios at Luther Strings.  All of our studios are above ground, with at least one window, have plenty of room, and include a keyboard and mirrors.  If you are looking to start a teaching studio in Denver, then we’re the place for you.  For more information, please email: info@LutherStrings.com.

performances and performance space

Our showroom is a beautiful setting for intimate performances, studio recitals, lectures, master classes, workshops, and events.  In addition to Luther Strings events, the space is available for reservation. Please see our Calendar for upcoming concerts, events and availabilities.  For booking inquiries, please email: info@LutherStrings.com.

  • Please Call Ahead for a Private Appointment

  • Actual Hours of Operation will Exceed Times Listed Below:

Phone: 720-510-3184

Email: Info@LutherStrings.com

Luther Strings Address: 

2018 S Pontiac Way Denver, CO 80224

Phone: 720-510-3184

Email: Info@LutherStrings.com

Luther Strings Address: 

2018 S Pontiac Way Denver, CO 80224

Tuesday        Noon-5pm

Wednesday  3pm-8pm

Thursday      Noon-5pm

Friday            Noon-5pm

Saturday       10am-3pm

Sunday, Monday Closed

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