Re-Hair services

We order bow hair of the finest quality. The hair is strong, elastic, evenly white, and unbleached. The hairs are evenly thick and unbent. When we collect the hair for bows, we take time to dress, removing any single hairs that might affect the tone.

Our plugs and wedges are precisely cut. We stretch the hair between the tip and frog, to a tension so that it only takes a few turns of the screw to tighten the bow. (Bows tend to play their best when the frog is not too far back on the stick, and this leaves room for the natural stretching of the hair over time.) The hair is dampened and left to dry, hairs are trimmed and cleaned up, and high quality powdered rosin is worked into the hair.

All bows that we re-hair get a little extra TLC in the form of a free cleaning of the stick and frog. A full cleaning and polishing is available for an extra charge, but every bow will have the old rosin and grime gently removed from the wood and metal parts.

If you need your bow re-haired, call us and make an appointment for a quote.

Re-hair Pricing







How to order

  1. Order a bow rehair by emailing or calling us.  We will ship you a protective tube for your bow. 

  2. Remove the return shipping label, insert your bow into the tube, tape the label to the exterior of the tube, and ship it to us.

  3. Upon receiving the bow, we'll have it rehaired and on its way back to you within 2-3 business days.

In the future, if you ever need a rehair again, load your bow back into the tube, and request a shipping label.  We'll email the label to you!

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Phone: 720-510-3184


Luther Strings Address: 

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